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Kamloops and Whistler

Onto Kamloops where I needed a rest from all the motorcycling and hiking. My post from the day reflects that….

“After 5 hours of hiking in 3 hours of motorcycling yesterday I was pretty wiped out today. I took that time to relax and check-out downtown. Also checked out Paul Lake and did a short walk there. My Airbnb has an amazing view. So I took full advantage of that. Tomorrow it’s on to Whistler. There looks to be some pretty sweet hikes in the area so I’m sure I will get into something there.”

After 2 nights in Kamloops and some nice warm weather, I headed to Whistler. This was the biggest disappointment of the trip. Just wasn’t my scene. Too touristy and posh.

“Nice ride today from Kamloops to whistler. I’m not digging whistler and can’t wait to leave in the morning… Too crowded, expensive, touristy etc…. I’m craving my hike tomorrow along with my airbnb in Brittania Beach. Much more my style. Most likely the last hike of the trip.”

Garibaldi Lakes were a great way to end the hiking part of my trip. A nice long and gradual ascent to the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. The pictures above don’t do it justice!

“Oh Canada! I will miss you. Today’s adventure was Garibaldi lake outside of Whistler. This was my last Canadian hike on this trip and it did not disappoint. As you can see by the stunning photos, this lake was magnificent with glaciers in the background. It was a 14 mile day with about 3500 feet of climbing but all well worth it. Special thanks to @celiat who helped with some of these pics and was my hiking buddy for the day. Tomorrow it’s time to cross the border and head to Seattle to see a couple of friends and then Saturday head home.”

Videos from the trip!