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Golden and Revelstoke

The ride from Jasper to Golden was chilly but stunning as low hanging clouds hugged the mountains. From my FB/Instagram post…

“Today I ran into my first rain of the trip. The temperatures ranged from 50 to 60 and no sun to be had all day. I made the journey from Jasper to Golden. My decision not to take heated vests or gloves came back to bite me today as my hands got very cold as did my core. I ended up at this pretty cool Lodge high above golden. Sweet views and you definitely feel like you are in it. With rain in the forecast tomorrow I’ll have to be creative about what Adventure I plan. My legs got a well-deserved rest today but I’m feeling another hike coming on tomorrow. I also want to hit Emerald Lake on a canoe but the weather has to be right for that. I’ll stay two nights here and then head to Kamloops on Sunday. It was a great journey today even though the weather didn’t cooperate. Saw a black bear and some glaciers. The turquoise water is just crazy looking.”

The first 4 pictures are from Yoho Lake with Emerald Lake below. It was nice to get above the crowds and get some solitude. Below was my entry for the day…

“My adventure today took me to Yoho National Park. It’s between Golden and Banff. I had about an hour’s Drive from Golden to get there. With rain in the forecast again I didn’t know what to expect. I arrived to see low hanging clouds hanging over Emerald Lake. It made for some great photo ops. I decided to go up to Yoho Lake. The saddle I wanted to originally tackle looked to be sketchy due to weather. Yoho Lake did not disappoint. I have never been to an area that has so much in such a small space. It’s endless. I rarely come back to the same place twice, but after being here in 2011, I had to come back.”

The following day I hit Revelstoke. My favorite town(tied with Jasper) on the trip. My entry for the day radiated enthusiasm…

“Revelstoke….. I almost bypassed this gem on my trip but changed my plans so I could spend the night here. So glad I did. The downtown is super cool and quaint. I ate twice at a place called The Taco Shop. A picture of the burrito bowl is below. Live music on the street. I’m doing a hike here tomorrow and then on to Kamloops for the next two nights.

The last set of 4 pictures are from Eva Lake outside Revelstoke. There were Grizzly warnings at the beginning of the trail head! Not a great way to start the hike. I found myself walking alone a few times and stopped and waited for others to catch up.

“Today’s adventure took me to Revelstoke national Park. I did Eva and Miller Lakes. I had a lot of trouble picking the best 10 pics from today.I took 100 photos today with my phone and another 60 something with my big camera. Crazy. These pictures are just insane. I really want to move here badly. At least in the summer 🙂 I am now in high Desert land in Kamloops and will seek out mountain biking tomorrow. I end up in Whistler on Wednesday night and then head south to Vancouver. Thanks for following along.”

Onto Kamloops and Whistler