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Canmore and Banff Hikes

The first 8 pictures are of Tent Ridge. One of my top three hikes of all time. The majority the hike consisted of walking on a horseshoe shaped Ridge and the views just kept getting better and better. Special thanks to my hiking buddies for the day Masira and @cynquito who took some great pics. The motorcycle ride was sketchy as it was full of loose dirt and washboard sections that will test the strength of your fillings. This was a 10 hour day with the ride and hike but totally worth it. If you only do 1 hike in the area, this is the one.

The last 4 pictures are from Galatea Lakes. This was my first hike of the trip. Around 2500 feet of climbing. Everything in Canada seems to have lots of elevation gain. I nice hike up through the forest until you came to 2 lakes…I went to the upper lake and that is where most of the pictures that you see were taken..Only 2 other people there.

Onto Jasper!