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The first 5 pictures are from Indian Ridge outside Jasper. This hike was amazing! You start by taking the tram up to Whistler summit. You will see crowds here but keep going past the summit drop down and you will have lots of solitude as you make your way up the ridge. Stunning views overlooking Jasper. A cool 3000 feet elevation gain in about 8 miles. Steep and sketchy with exposure as you get near the last section before hitting the ridge. Jasper is a cool little town and much more chill than Banff.

Wilcox pass are the last 2 pictures. This hike was on the way to Jasper. I nice little jaunt with a rewarding view of a glacier. Highly recommend if you aren’t looking to do a huge hike but still want a cool view.

From my original Facebook/Instagram post…

“And so I’ve come to one very important conclusion, the Canadians do not like switchbacks. They believe in the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Unfortunately that means very steep terrain like on today’s hike. Whistlers Summit and Indian Ridge were the destination today in jasper. I thought it was going to be around 3,000 ft of climbing and it turned out to be 3500 feet instead. Tomorrow is definitely a more chill day. I did this hike completely solo which was a little bizarre as usually see a lot of people on the trail. Once I got past the first part of the hike I didn’t see another person for 2 hours. There was some sketchy scrambling at the at the top that it would have been nice to have somebody along. Onto golden tomorrow. I really loved jasper!”

“Another day, another adventure. So the story goes. Today’s hike was Wilcox Pass near jasper and the Columbia ice field’s. My hiking partner today was @gayleforcelife. She helped with some of the pics and provided thought provoking conversation. The cool part of the hike was seeing the glacier… At least while we still can. 4 hours on the bike and 3 hours hiking today. 3rd day in a row hiking. My legs are screaming. But it’s a good scream.”

Onto Golden and Revelstoke!